Studio-Ecole Mozaik: Journalistic Training for Ivory Coast’s Broadcasters

Studio-Ecole Mozaik began training its first group of radio journalists from Ivory Coast in May 2014. Students learn the principles and techniques of professional journalism and are encouraged to practice their craft with passion and a positive vision for a pluralistic society. The course work specifically addresses the question of the constructive role journalism can play in processes of peace and reconciliation. Every feature, discussion, and interview produced in the school’s studio is broadcast via its partner network of forty radio stations nationwide. The programs are available for the partner radio stations via the project´s website (www.studiomozaik.org). In this critical time after Ivory Coast’s civil war, the radio medium can make a major contribution to reconciliation and democratization. Thorough, practice-oriented training for aspiring journalists was previously unavailable. Studio Mozaik is helping to close that gap. > read more about the opening of the school


The Fondation Dr. Peter Graze, headed by the radio journalist Souleymane Oulai, implements the project on site with support from the Swiss-based Hirondelle Foundation, which has established several radio stations in Africa to date.

The project receives financial support from the European Union. The project is also funded by ifa (Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen) with means of the German Federal Foreign Office and from IFA (Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen).