Global Peacebuilders Summit

For the first time some 30 peacemakers from around the world will gather in Berlin to discuss the role of civil society in the next year. Common to them is that they come from conflict regions, belong to the most outstanding personalities in their field and have proven to work successfully with their organizations on the peace process in their country. The objective of the "Global Peacebuilder Summit" is to strengthen these key actors in their commitment, to make their work better known to the broad public, and to facilitate the networking between them.  > read more

MUT - "Magazin für Lösungen"

At the occasion of the Global Peacebuilders Summit we published a 56-page supplement on the work of civil society activists and organisations. The huge circulation of 500,000 copies was distributed by a network of media partners (major regional newspapers and media magazines). For us the magazine represents clearly our concept of constructive, solution oriented journalism. > read more

Radioschool for peace journalists in Ivory Coast

Studio-Ecole Mozaik began training its first group of radio journalists from Ivory Coast in May 2014. Students learn the principles and techniques of professional journalism and are encouraged to practice their craft with passion and a positive vision for a pluralistic society. > read more

Peace Counts

Peace Counts works to draws attention to successful peace builders around the world by producing articles, photographs, and radio and television programs that feature their work. The various media products are incorporated into traveling exhibitions that tour conflict regions and Germany, always paired with workshops on peace education and training for journalists. > read more